Full Membership:
Open to parent cooperatives in Indiana provided they meet the Statement on Standards prescribed by ICPC and pay annual dues

Affiliate Preschool & Child Care Membership: 

Open to parent cooperative programs within the state of Indiana and surrounding states upon payment of annual dues

Individual Membership:
Open to any person demonstrating interest in the purpose of ICPC who pays annual dues (unless such person is designated an honorary member)

ICPC provides numerous benefits to members in the form of valuable resources and a support system for member schools. Here are some examples:

  • Annual Parent Education Event (Parentpalooza) with a recognized keynote speaker, workshops for teachers and parents, information & networking opportunities.
  • Affiliation with local member schools through a Regional Council for advice, support, information, benefits, and locally-sponsored activities.
  • Low interest loan eligibility
  • Eligibility to purchase our comprehensive and cost-effective group liability insurance policy, tailored to the needs of cooperative preschools at competitive rates.
  • Informational Packets on a variety of topics to assist in the operations of cooperative preschools for Treasurer’s, Publicity, Membership, etc., as well as informational flyers.
  • Very importantly, a free listing and space on our Website, and a listing in our directory, which are used for referrals when people inquire about a preschool in their area. If a school already has a website, ICPC will provide a link to it.
  • Access to experienced advisors to assist your school and answer questions when issues arise. We also provide Board training and other leadership development activities.
  • newsletter that goes out to all 500+ member families.
  • New teacher training
  • Mentoring of new teachers through pairing with experienced advisor teacher
  • Continued education for teachers
  • Group publicity efforts
  • And MUCH MORE!

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