About Us

What is ICPC?
The Indiana Council of Preschool Cooperatives (ICPC) is a non-profit, non-sectarian umbrella organization for 12 member parent cooperative preschools in Indiana. We represent over 500 Indiana families. We are affiliated with Parent Cooperative Preschools International (PCPI). All of our schools offer preschool classes for children ages 2-5 and two of our schools also offer kindergarten classes.

Our Mission:
ICPC serves member parent cooperative schools in Indiana and offers these services:

  • We demonstrate excellence in teaching young children and educating parents
  • We champion the needs of young children and their parents in the community
  • We support parent cooperatives—their children, parents, teachers and officers—by providing a medium of exchange and mutual assistance
  • We establish, maintain and promote standards for parent cooperatives
  • We help and provide technical support to new parent cooperatives and affiliates

What is a Cooperative Preschool?
A cooperative preschool is a completely parent-run preschool. We hire the teachers, perform a job at the school and participate in the classroom. We believe that only through the shared community of learning between teachers, parents AND children can we help to develop our children in a more wholesome way.

Our curriculum is based on a developmentally appropriate “learning through play” philosophy which focuses on the whole child including academics, social skills and physical skills (to name a few…). We hope that through sharing in the cooperative community your whole family will gain knowledge and a shared sense of accomplishment.

Want more specifics? Check out our FAQs or contact your local cooperative preschool.

Our History
In 1915, faculty wives at the University of Chicago founded the first parent participation nursery school.  During the 1930′s parent cooperatives grew rapidly in California. Cooperative preschools came to Indiana in the 1950′s, when Katharine Whiteside Taylor conducted a workshop at Butler University on cooperative nursery schools.  Interested parents took additional classes and started 4 cooperative preschools, Glendale, Eastgate, Northeast, and Castleton Kindergarten.  In 1959, these schools joined together to form the Indianapolis Council of Preschool Cooperatives to buy items in bulk and share ideas about parent education and fundraising.  This group helped other new cooperatives get organized and established, raising the number of Indiana cooperative preschools to 27 in the 1980′s!

In 1998, the organization changed its name to the Indiana (instead of Indianapolis) Council of Preschool Cooperatives in order to offer their resources to a broader base of cooperative preschools.  The focus of the organization has changed from starting-up new schools to supporting existing ones.

We would love to see the number of cooperative preschools growing again, so please let us know if you would like assistance starting a school in your area!

Contact Us
Indiana Council of Preschool Cooperatives
P.O. Box 501151
Indianapolis, IN 46250-1151

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